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Recycling Water



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As creating and maintaining a healthy environment has become a high priority for many people, finding ways of recycling water and other important resources is very important. Along with this environmental concern, however, our government is also facing serious financial issues. Most people just do not have the funds available to install expensive ways of recycling water in their homes, even with the government incentives that are offered to those who purchase these systems.

There are several easy ways of recycling water that the average consumer can do at home. These methods involve minimal cost and effort and can be implemented without a major disruption to the daily routine.

If you are searching for ways of recycling water in your own home, here are some things that you can try.

  1. If you rinse the dishes in your sink under running water, use a large plastic bowl or bucket to catch the rinse water. Though there may be small amounts of detergent in the water, this will not harm plants or the soil and the water can then be used to water plants or even for other cleaning tasks around the house.

  2. When waiting for the water to warm in the shower, use a bucket to catch the cold water that is usually wasted down the drain. The water can be left in the bucket until needed for cleaning or gardening or can be pour into a large barrel outdoors to be used for tasks such as washing the car.

  3. Leftover pot water from boiling pasta, vegetables and other food items can also be used to water plants. Be sure to give the water ample time to cool before pouring it onto your plants. Extremely hot water can damage more delicate plants and flowers.

  4. When you clean out the fish tank or aquarium, use that water on your plants or garden. Though to you, the water might seem dirty, the waste from the fish is actually nutrient rich and can help plants to grow and thrive.

  5. Consider redirecting the drain of your washing machine and catching the rinse water in buckets or barrels for reuse on your lawn or outdoor plants. This takes a bit more effort than the other ways of recycling water, but for those with a large lawn that needs regular watering, this can save a lot of water usage and waste.

There are other ways of recycling water, as well. Simply think about where water is wasted in your home and find a creative way to catch and reuse that water for other purposes. Though it will take many people joining in the cause to make a real difference in the state of the environment, by finding your own ways of recycling water, you can feel good about doing your part.



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